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I, Jade Foreman, am a young up-and-coming Chicago based artist. In the dictionary, an artist is defined as one who creates or who is skilled at something. However, to me, being an artist is being intersectional with ideas and expressive in thought. Being an artist means being limitless; artists can also be teachers, activists, scientists, and historians. I see my work being an engine for change and a creator of peace. Individual growth and societal growth are interdependent so as a grow and create the world does with me and vice versa. My work is my contribution as a citizen, my contribution to a more peaceful world. I am still learning how to be all of these things and tracking my progress via website updates. I’m on the South Side for now but moving fast, so try and keep up!
Thank you all for your love and support.

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For a while I have been playing around with the concept of one line drawings; over time they've become increasingly complex. Along with improving line work and practice, I have been trying to show emotion and movement through still drawings. There are many factors that go into showing feeling and gesture in a drawing/painting such as speed, texture, body

language, facial expression, color, etc... I want my bodies of work to more than something nice to look at but an experience. A way I have been able to to make my work feel more like an experience has been through light but I've never attempted sculpture. Creating this and continuing to experiment with lights and wires makes me feel like the curator of my own dreams; I am making something allows people to peer into some kind of fantasy. Sometimes the shadows and illusion the wire creates is even a little nightmarish and creepy but it still feels like something unreal. I think there's something special about art in the third dimension, it takes up space and makes an idea that could've been a flat image an idea that's now tangible. These experiments are enabling me to bring imagination into the physical and I can't wait to see where it takes me!!