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I, Jade Foreman, am a young up-and-coming Chicago based artist. In the dictionary, an artist is defined as one who creates or who is skilled at something. However, to me, being an artist is being intersectional with ideas and expressive in thought. Being an artist means being limitless; artists can also be teachers, activists, scientists, and historians. I see my work being an engine for change and a creator of peace. Individual growth and societal growth are interdependent so as a grow and create the world does with me and vice versa. My work is my contribution as a citizen, my contribution to a more peaceful world. I am still learning how to be all of these things and tracking my progress via website updates. I’m on the South Side for now but moving fast, so try and keep up!
Thank you all for your love and support.

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Updated: Oct 10, 2019

I found my appreciation for collage out of frustration; my hands weren't seeming to create anything that my mind was satisfied with- there was some kind of disconnect that I couldn't seem to put together. Necessity is the mother of invention, and what I needed to was to create. With that, I decided I would tell stories and project ideas using the things around me, things that existed, and had a life before I cut them out and gave them a new one. From the New York Times, random ads, Sunday Review, and countless other sources I was finding images everywhere... and that's when things got a little crazy; magazines, newspapers, prints and x-acto knives all across the room it was a mess, chaos even, but it ended beautifully.

To me, the pieces are reflective of feeling in my life and the world around me. I didn't notice until they were all done, and I put them next to each other when I saw a few themes. What

stands out to me is change, knowing yourself/getting to know yourself, struggle, growth, and coping with the things that come along with all of the aforementioned. Feel free to comment below and share what you got from the pieces. What do you see? What stories did you get?

In order: The 'S' on My Pill Box is for Seeking Salvation; Growing Pains; A Guide to Running Away and Looking In. Jade Foreman 2019